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Booty playingThere is nothing sweeter than a puppy!  But, they require a lot of attention and training.  We hope this page will help you grow with your puppy.
Szumeria’s Junk In The Trunk, “Booty” entertaining herself in the Puppy Playground -- image on right.

Training a puppy to "leave it" can save you from a counter-surfer, but also can keep your puppy safe from grabbing dangerous objects. Teaching "get-it"is also a lot of fun. Here are videos of Kavitha working with this.

Szumeria's Juice Bar 

How fast do they change?  What a difference a year can make

zac puppypage Zac BOW
Puppy Zac, April 2014 May 1, 2015 - Best of Winners


Kuvasz Club of America Inc.  5/26/2016
JUDGE: Mrs Agi M Hejja
KUVASZOK, Puppy Bitches 4 Mos & Under 6 Mos .
Best of Breed
SZUMERIA'S PREPARE TO PARTY. WS523318/01. 01/05/2016.
BREEDER: Katherine Knapp     Gene Hayes     L Brady & C Townsend.
By Taliszman Pull The Perfect Pint CGC - Ch Szumeria's Wildwood Tuppence To Spend RN CGC. OWNER: Kathleen O'Reagan. Constance Townsend, and Lynn Brady.

was Owner Handled by Erica Morris to two 4-6 Month Puppy Group 2’s at Rochester Kennel Club in Rochester, MN at age 4 months. Congratulations to Erica and Loaner on these exciting achievements.

Szumeria aims to breed for health and structure.  We are proud of our excellent record of longevity.

Fifteen Years

Szumeria's Starlight Express CD RE CGC   Call Name: Peachie
1/10/1998 - 7/19/2013 (15 years 6 months) Owned by Doreen MacPherson

Multiple Group Placing/Veteran Group Winning UCD CH Szumeria’s Legend CDX BN RAE OA OAJ NAP OJP CGC TT CPA OOAA ROAA SAPA JAPA VOAA OS Pet Partner Therapy Dog   Call Name: Legend
3/10/1998 - 6/14/2013 (15 years) Owned by Bea & Clay Page

CH Szumeria's Wildwood Ruby Red Dzrt NJP RN CGC VPA   Call Name: Jello
6/17/2002 - 12/2/2017 (15 yrs 5.5 mos.) Owned by Bea & Clay Page

Szumeria’s Yeshe Kuvera   Call Name Yeshe
09/23/2000 - 12/03/2015 (15 years 2 mo) Owned by Susan Patterson

Szumeria’s Ruby Red White and Blue   Call name: Liberty
06/17/2002 - 07/15/2017 (15 yrs 1 mo) owned by Rick & Laura Baur

Fourteen Years

BOSS Multiple Group Winning/Placing CH Szumeria's Jamaican Music, COAA    Call name: Marley
10/6/1999 - 12/21/2013 (14 years 2 months) Owned by Sandy Herring

CH Szumeria’s Queen of Hearts, CD RN CGC VPA OD    Call name: Ruby
2/17/1998 - 5/7/2012 (14 years 3 months) Owned by Bea and Clay Page

Thirteen Years

CH Szumeria's Cowboy Doug    Call Name: McLeod
9/23/2000 - 12/20/2013 (13 years 3 mo) Owned by Ester Noiles

Szumeria's Ruby Wildwood Spring CD RE CGC Delta Therapy   Call name: Brooke
6/17/2002 - 7/8/2015 (13yr 1 mo) Owned by Tom Bell

CH Szumeria's Awesome Again   Call name: Annie
10/24/2000 - 11/29/2013 (13 years 1 month) Owned by Lynn Brady & Connie Townsend

Ch Szumeria's Atta Girl  Call name: Touche
1/1/2004 - 5/30/2017 (13 yrs 5 mos) Owned by Lynn Brady & Connie Townsend

Szumeria's Drunk and Disorderly   Duncan
1/1/2004 - 3/6/2017 (13 yrs 2 mos) Owned by Tom Bell

Szumeria's Silver Dollar Call Name: Silver
10/03/2003 - 09/05/2017 (13 yrs 11 mos) Owned by Russ & Pat Tanaguchi

 Twelve Years

Szep Tars Sermon At Szumeria   Call name: Preacher
01/13/2002 - 07/26/2014 (12 yrs 6 mos) Owned by ulie Peterson, Zandra, Zac & Oscar

Ch. Szumeria's Lucy Clover, RN  Call name: Lucy Clover
12/17/1997 - 3/23/2010 (12yr 3mo) Owned by Lynn Brady & Connie Townsend

Multiple Group Winning & Placing BISS/BOSS CH Szumeria's One for the Money CD BN RAE OAP NJP CGC TT COAA OOAA ROAA SAPA VOAA HOFD Pet Partner Therapy Dog     Calll name: Penny
1/13/2002 - 09/24/2014 (12 years 8 months) Owned by Bea & Clay Page

CH Szumeria's No Great Mischief, RN   Call name: Jesse
01/10/2002 - 08/11/2014 (12 years 7 months) Owned by Lynn Brady & Connie Townsend

CH Szumeria's Wildwood Ruby Red Zinger   Call name: Zinger
06/17/2002 - 10/14/2014 (12 years 3 months) Owned by Lynn Brady & Constance Townsend

AKC/Int Ch Szumeria’s Snowbird Salute, RN CD TT CGC   Call name: Snowzi
06/19/2001 - 06/21/2013 (12 years) Owned by Clare Braden

Szumeria’s By Invitation Only  Call name: Invi
11/19/1999 - 11/22/2011 (12 years) Owned by Donna & Gary Loock

Szumeria's Golden Ramoth CGC RN   Call name: Ramie
6/2/2004 - 10/10/2016 (12 yrs 4 mos) Owned by Deborah Davis

Szumeria’s Ezust Hattyu   Call name: Hattyu
10/03/2003 - 8/29/2016 (12 yrs 11 mos) Owned by Rebecca Knittle & Howard Voge

BISS Ch. Szumeria's Masterharper Robinton RN   Call name: Robbie
06/02/2004 - 07/19/2016 (12 yrs) owned by Gene Rudd & Kathy Sherry

Szumeria's Gabi Exsted Call Name: Gabi
05/03/2005 - 08/01/2017 (12 yrs 3 mos) Owned by Bob and Manuela Berstein

Szumeria's Bo Call Name: Bo
6/17/2002 - 7/04/2014 (12 years) Owned by Doreen MacPherson

CH Szumeria's Surround Sound Call Name: Dolby
10/24/2000 - 03/02/2013 (12 yrs 5 mos) Owned by Donna & Gary Loock