CH Szumeria's Wildwood Pretty Penny, VCD2, BN, GN, HIT, MXP, AJP, RAE2, TD, CGC, TT, VOAA, OOAA, SAOAA, JAPA, ThPA, ROAA & Therapy Dog(Delta Society), “Moola” becomes Szumeria’s first AKC Tracking Dog. 

Moola become the first Szumeria Kuvasz AKC Tracking Dog 2012. Splash, Szumeria’s Wildwood On The Rocks, RN NJP and Gossip, Szumeria’s He Said She Said are now studying tracking with Moola. We hope the girls will be ready for a trial in 2014.  Moola is working on Urban Tracking and Tracking Dog Excellent now.


Connie and Moola Acute Angle